or return

If you have a retail shop or other outlet and wish to order the Phoenix Rising Magazine then we can supply issues on a sale or return basis.

If local to the United Kingdom this would be on changeover of issues collecting unsold copies and payments and supplying new issue.

If you are out of United Kingdom or overseas then this can be done on wholesale purchase only when the new issues are ordered we can then accept a return of the unsold magazines for credit where the only portion needed to be returned is the top header and barcode off unsold copies. New issues will be sent out automatically and any refunds on unsold copies will be either credited to the next issues or paid out.

Unfortunately we cannot provided a commission basis sale or return policy for  international orders. But please be assured that any unsold copies you purchase will be credited back in the new issue month or on the new order for that next issue release.

A standard wholesale price for orders will be offered to those who are reselling the magazine onwards in a retail situation.

We are trying to make things as simple as possible for retailers so please if you have any questions then email us here.

The order you place will be a fixed order for each issue and so that you do not have to order every time a new issue is released your initial order will stand as the order you want for each succeeding months.

There are 4 issues per year so if you are ordering the initial order can be altered relative to how the magazine is selling so you can adjust the quantity at any time. As long as it is before the next issue is released.

To order wholesale copies just send an email here!




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