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The Phoenix Rising magazine is owned and operated by Dr Jonathan and Rachel Sherwood. If you wish to know more about Dr Sherwood’s exploits in the research, ancient knowledge and alternative fields and others then best have an explore through Dr Sherwood’s main research site like www.rajon.com where you can also find data on crop circles.

The Phoenix Rising magazine covers everything from new age issues to book reviews and environmental issue. We also have articles on new research on ancient knowledge and other fascinating articles of interest. Advertising is also available.

So if you have a new book, or would like to advertise with us or submit an article then just send it to:

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The Phoenix Rising magazine is distributed worldwide as an electronic version to subscribers,  as a download pdf file.

When you advertise with us your advert is available in both paper and electronic formats and delivered worldwide.

To arrange to do an article for the Phoenix Rising Magazine either a one off or on a permanent basis then just drop us a line email here.

When you write a one  off article in the magazine we offer a discounted rate on 1/4 page advert of 50% so this helps get your message out there and remember that the Phoenix Rising magazine is an international magazine and is available worldwide  on subscription as an electronic as well as paper delivery.

You may contact us by calling UK 44-1380818067

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